Your solution to home energy and efficiency.

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Trinity Home Energy is New England's top choice for energy auditing.  Our services are available for both residential and commercial requests.  We pride ourselves in providing quality work at a great value.


Our Services

Trinity Home Energy performs a range of energy compliance testing including duct leakage testing, blower door testing, ENERGY STAR certifications, HERS Ratings, and Manual J Calculations.

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Why does energy efficiency matter?

An energy efficient home is valuable to everyone.  As a homeowner, efficiency means reduction in energy consumption resulting in lower energy costs.  As a builder, energy efficiency distinguishes your home on the market which allows for higher real estate value. 

Environmental Impact

An energy efficient home significantly reduces greenhouse gases (GHG) -  not only can you feel good about your lower energy costs, but also reducing your carbon footprint.  


Who We Are

Trinity Home Energy is a New Hampshire based energy auditing company serving the New England region.   


" At Trinity Home Energy we believe that an energy efficient home is valuable for everyone - from the builder, to the homeowner, to the environment.  We are committed to guiding our customers in achieving their energy saving goals."

— Emmanuel Busolo,  Founder & CEO


Builders , did you know?

Depending on your location, there may be tax credits and incentives available for meeting energy efficient criteria.   Allow us to guide you through the process of becoming an energy efficient builder.